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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. hours and hours of searching the suspect remains at large. >> chaos as police helicopters converge on -- the highway shut down for hours as police searched for a man carrying a hammer and shotgun who walked out of the woods and began to attack this vehicle while the individual was inside. he said the suspect went to the rear window of the jeep and began tapping on the rear window with a shotgun. the witness was obviously frightened at that point and began blowing his horn. he said the suspect then came around to the front of his truck. the contractor was unharmed. >> whether the suspect took off
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-- when the suspect took off they say the suspect ran into the woods. they searched for 3 hours before deciding it was safe to reopen the highway. >> the hotel said they had locked all the doors. >> i was like, what's going on. >> the suspect is described as a 60 to 65-year-old white man, about 5'8", gray hair, wearing a red and blue plaid shirt and jeans. >> reporter: police say they have no motive for the attack. the man in the car said he could hear the man yelling something but he couldn't understand what he was yelling. >> reporter: thank you, derek, police are asking anyone who saw the suspect or who may know him to call them. more from the 4th of july
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-- more from the child that was shot. >> joe cal owe's family is still reeling from his murder. he was visiting for the fireworks when police say this man stabbed him to death with a broken bottle n. an interview his loved ones pledded with the -- pleaded with the public to catch the killer. >> i was there when his mother found out, and my little girl is not going to have a dad. she had him for a year. that's not long ago. >> he had just visited his one- year-old daughter before he headed to baltimore. >> it's going to be hard. i drove a thousand miles to get here to where i could help.
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>> i was the first person that they told that he didn't even make it to the hospital. >> reporter: calos family wants to bring his body home. they want closure. >> i'm not from baltimore and i don't intend to go to baltimore. baltimore does not look pretty in my book. >> reporter: this is video from wjz's video partner of 4-year- old -- he was hit the same night. now out of the hospital. he's running and now talking about. >> i can't ride my bike. >> reporter: while calos family has a word for the mayor. >> this could have happened to anybody, any little girl's dad and it could still happen. >> reporter: i'm standing in the park where the victim liked
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to take his little girl. in west virginia. there were 600 officers patrolling the harbor during and after the fireworks. tonight a baltimore county worker is rushed to the hospital after his ambulance collides with a car. the ambulance and at least 2 other vehicles were involved. the medic was taken to sigh nigh where there are no reports of any other injuries. a frightening warning for the airlines. may be looking to plant suicide bombs in bodies. security is being increased, particularly for air travelers entering the u.s. from abroad. sources tell cbs news al qaeda
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leaders are accurately trying to recruit a surgeon who can implant the bombs but again, there is no planned attack. could casey anthony be spending her last night in jail? she was acquitted of murder charges but was convicted of a misdemeanor. jurors took 11 hours to conclude that anthony was not guilty and one alternate juror defending that decision. >> they didn't show us how caylee died. overall i think the family knows a lot more than what came out at the trial. >> some experts believe casey won't have to spends any more time in jail. each of her 4 misdemeanor count carries up to one year. baltimore homicide detectives are investigating a body found inside a box truck. say the body was inside the
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locked back of the truck in a city impound lot. police don't have much information right now. they are waiting on autopsy results. panic, fear, for the first time we're hearing audio from the day a police officer was hit by a car and then fell off interstate 73. kai jackson has those tapes. that's right, officer faced life threatening injuries after a frightening fall on the job and the 911 tapes released reveal the attempt to help the officer. was working an accident june 21 june 21st, a dangerous stretch of highway that nearly proved deadly for rig bee. >> she was arousable but not awake. >> reporter: say a car lost control and hit rig bee's cruiser. that vehicle knocked her over
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the jersey wall and sent her plummeting 25 feet not pavement. police have now released the 911 calls. >> they are telling me she may have went over the bridge. >> she's on union? >> someone go down on. >> immediately after she was knocked over there was a rapid response to help her. after a brief search officers found her injured comrade. officer rig by was rushed to shock trauma. she suffered severe injuries. >> god was with her. that she even survived it. >> reporter: officer rig by is assigned to the northern district patrol. >> officer rig by is out of the hospital and being treated at a
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rehabilitation center. a church rallies together to rebuild weeks after fire destroyed its sang airy. teamed up to raise money for the parish. fire ripped through the church june 26th and the post or says -- pastor says it's time to build heal and rebuild. >> what does not break me makes me stronger and that's the word to pastor shawn bell and to the greater paradise family. >> reporter: it could be 8 months before the church is restored. investigation continues into whether it could be an electrical fire or arson. expanding to market space. reporting that chicken roost deli will create an outpost in the troubled -- it's one of several temporary vendors. chick opened the deli in 1965.
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it's known for naming its sandwiching after local politicians. hit with a wall of dirt, a towering dust storm hits arizona. the incredible video. facebook meets skype. why it will change the way you check. i'm alex detreat rick. if -- demetric. i'm bernadette, a new round of scattered showers and thunderstorms is headed this way. we'll have your first weather forecast coming up. complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, kai jackson and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark ,,,,,,
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partly cloudy in central maryland right now. people in phoenix have seen all sorts of weather 1st and 10 phenomena. put it at a mile high and 100 miles high. the thunderstorm that fold put up an incredible lightning display. a marine helicopter crashes injuring all 6 people on board. the flight crew was from camp
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pendleton. all 6 were transported to hospitals. the call still is under investigation. the army psychiatrist accused in the fort hood massacre will face the death penalty. major has san will stand trial in a military court. he is charged with 15 counts of premeditated murder. we don't yet know whether the defense will use an insanity plea. the results of an evaluation has not been released. a picasso was snatched from a -- shows a man walking with framed art work under his arm. the 1965 -- say the man match the description of the suspect.
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the drawing was purchased this spring for $122,000. emptying your pocket to fill the gas tank. it's a reality now but it doesn't have to be in the future. reports getting off oil might come sooner to maryland than many other states. when gas prices climbed to 4 $4 this spring, it's the numbers that did the crunching. price volatility -- into this study. >> it can help us reduce our dependency on the state. >> reporter: a standard component of that future. but the biggest game changer would be bigger. >> -- or better yet, no gas. and maryland is ahead of many states in infrastructure. >> we are in a leadership
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position to have some 70 stations installed statewide. >> reporter: his stations. >> there's a lot of penalty up de-- pent up demand out there and i think that's what we're going to see. >> reporter: the big problem is paying for that oil free technology. gas cars are cheaper now but maybe not down the road. >> you are going to see continued price drops to the point that by 2015 this will actually be cheaper than buying an internal combustion car. >> reporter: considering batteries cost less -- alex difficult meet rick. show marylanders are paying
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3.56 a gallon. it is also 21 cents less than last month. facebook has a new friend. the company is teaming up with skype to make video calls possible. the move comes in response to the launch of google social network. mark sucker berg -- raven fans can see ray lewis play some football all thanks to this field of dreams parody. >> are you a ghost? >> i just came out from a corn field. let play some football. >> reporter: plays the kevin costner character. produced on the spoof funny.
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>> that's a very clever idea. >> i saw the whole thing earlier and it is funny. and people are starting to talk about it more and more, is there or isn't there going to be football. it's going to be a big topic of conversation around here. here's what we have on first weather radar. thunderstorms now making their way out to sea. it was a stormy afternoon along those beaches. we'll take you back to this afternoon when all of this was going on. maybe a sprinkle or two but you can see most of the action was down to the south. the winds are light, around to the south and we're going to see patchy fog form tonight because of all of that. temperature wise it will also remain warm. we're 77-degrees now but documents are way up -- dewpoints are way up so it's if you goy outside. -- muggy outside. our high today was 89.
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we're going to be for most of this forecast. the temperatures up into the low 90s tomorrow, alert goes back into effect and the philly metro region and you can see that does cover the beaches in delaware. here is the front that's been affecting us, it stalled out right over our region. at the same time here's another front and there's an area of disturbed weather to the south of florida. all of these are going to come into play. first the salt put front, that gets a kick out of here. but what happens is it's going to bring its own round of scattered storms. then on friday another round of scattered showers and storms. at the same time we'll see that low from that disturbed area of weather making its way up the coast and as it does it will
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bring more moisture friday, even possibly into saturday morning. the nap a hurricane center is monitoring this and if anything does come out we will be passing that along to you. out on our waters, much quieter. bay temperature 80 degrees and here's our forecast through the next few days. tomorrow is going to be a hot one. 91. by friday, bring our temperatures down somewhat and tries to kick out to sea. as it does, back in the 90s sunday and monday. summer time, thank you. check in tomorrow morning on eyewitness news starting at 4:50 a.m. coming up, times for the os in texas. they take one more swing tonight. mark has the highlights up next
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mark is here with a wjz sports report, you say not again? >> i would just say the heat is on. road trip to the lone star trip turned into a texas barbecue with the birds on the grill. 103-degree heat and the -- do the cooking. threw well in his debut tonight. so jeremy gets a turn tonight but it is a rough start. the rangers score 4 times in the first inning. with a single up the middle. that will bring home josh hamilton. texas pounded out 18 hits, 7 of those were doubles. this one down the left field line brings in elvis andrews.
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guthrie gives up 6 runs. the bullpen surrendered 7 more. they gave up 30 30 runs not process. the birds have lost 17 of 23 games. so good news is relative at this point. next stop on the road trip is boston. when the os get there they won't have to face john lester. he will miss his start against the os at fenway park. he has a 13 and 0 winning streak against. women's world cup soccer, team usa the victim of a major upset. sweden pulls off a surprise starting with a penalty kick. easily beats to put the swedes on top 1-0 and the swedes have more to celebrate later.
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this off the boot of a u.s. defender. the u.s. falls 2-1 but they still advance to the quarter finals and they face a big challenge when they take on brazil coming up sunday. finally our off season football follie of the day. roy williams is suing his exgirlfriend for $76,000. that's the cost of the engagement ring that e-mailed to her along with a video taped marriage proposal. she turned down the proposal but hasn't returned the ring so she's suing for the expense. his ex is former miss texas usa. >> i hope he insured it when he put it in the mail. find out where the winter olympics are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an olympic size cheer went up in south korea today. they were awarded the 2018 olympics. the delegation should get a gold medal for persistence. this ends a 10 year quest. a motorcycle -- is riding into. this is the 71st annual motor maids convention. 1200 members but they don't like to be called biker chicks, they are motor maids. >> too bad, you could have taken your harley out there. >> right. >> we'll be ,,
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